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2021. 9. 14. · Chris. -. 14 September, 2021. 0. 1944. G-Body Blazer Brake Upgrade. The upgrade from your meh g-body spindles to 98-05 2WD spindles, with the sealed bearings, AND dual caliper brakes is a pretty common one. I intend to do this myself on old Betty Rumble at some point. Here’s a link to the “98-05 Blazer Brake Upgrade” thread at GBodyForum. The 14-bolt also uses a 1350 series u-joint where a stock 10-bolt uses a 1310 series joint. The 9.5" 14-bolt uses the same brake mounting flange, so the disc-brake brackets should fit. The rotors won't fit because of the 6-lug pattern, but I would speculate using the 1/2-ton rotor from an 80s pickup may work.

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